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Shopping Guide

Thanks for visiting SECRAFT products website!

All the prices in our shopping mall are indicated in US dollars.

For further inquiries please feel free to contact us via email.

1) Getting Membership

Even if you don't get membership, it is still possible to place an order.

In order to get our free membership, however, you just have to fill in several details in the form we have provided at Sign Up menu on the top of the page. Upon getting admitted, you are able to have access to our many wonderful services including placement of orders. It's convenient because you don't need to provide the details each time you visit and do business with us.

2) How to Order

Ordering will be processed as follows:

- Step 1: Search or Select products

- Step 2: Buy now or Add to Cart

- Step 3: Check Out

- Step 4: Login with your ID or just Click NEW CUSTOMER.

- Step 5: Fill out the Order Form

- Put in your address and phone numbers accurately along with zip code or post code.

- Payment Choice (Choose one of the two below)

◉ Deposit Directly to our Bank Account

◉ Credit Card by PayPal or Eximbay

- Check Out

- Step 6: Order Completed (as a proof Order Number will appear)

Your order has yet to be duly processed. Once the payment is made by your choice of payment, your order will be completed.

In case you wish to place an order as a NEW CUSTOMER, please memorize the Order Number that will appear at Step 6.

If you hold our membership, the data will be saved automatically so you don't bother to memorize.

3) How to Pay

- After you have chosen Deposit Directly to our Bank Account, please transfer the amount to our Bank Account and send us the bank notice via email so we can start delivering promptly.

- Our Bank Account -


Account number: 650-007210-036

Account owner: Sang Euk Choi(SECRAFT


- In case of Credit Card by PayPal or Eximbay:

After checking out, choose and click the Card Company beneath the Order Number and then move on to the next page.

◦ If you have PayPal account:

▪ Click the PayPal icon below to log in and make your payment.

▪ SECRAFT Account:: sales@secraft.net

◦ In case you don't have PayPal account, you may complete your payment at Eximbay.

Choose one of the following Cards and then move on to the next page to log in and make your payment.

▪ Visa

▪ Mastercard

▪ American Express


- Eximbay is a global payment system that is safe and reliable.

For more information visit the following homepage: https://www.eximbay.com/en

4) How to Deliver

Delivery Method: EMS premium(TNT) or EMS International Express Mail

Delivery Cost: Country applying the differential

Time to Deliver: 7 to 10 business days


E-mail: sales@secraft.net



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