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Wing bolts M6 - V2 (Al screw-Lock Type)
 Code 20150728075317
 Selling Price 15.50
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 Manufacturer Made In South Korea
 SHIPPING Usually ships in 4-5 Business Days
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Nut: aluminium 6061-T6
Bolt: aluminium 6061-T6

Total Weight : 22.8g (2per)
Al Bolt length: 40 mm
2 per package

Use Opion Color : RED & BLUE


O-Ring P24 : 4pcs (2pcs Spare)

Wing Nut : 2pcs Diameter: 30mm Thickness: 11mm
Wing Bolt M6 * 40mm : 2pcs
M3 * 10mm Bolt : 2pcs
M3 Bolt Washers : 2pcs (Red)
Lock Pin : 2pcs
Threadlock : 1 bottle

There are two ways to use

The first method
1) put the thread lock to on screws then build with the aluminum nuts.This is the use method which is general.

The second method
1) Put the thead lock to on wing nuts.
2)Build the your airplane with wings.
3)Should adjust the screws with wings nets to suitably length.
4)Make the aluminum nuts with the screws and should wait almost five hour.
5)Finished appearance.

Wing bolts M4

Wing bolts 1/4-20 (AL Screw)

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